About Julia

Julia is an Arizona native having recently been awarded with her Master of Finance from Bond University. With a passion for numbers since the fourth grade, Julia saw herself in advanced maths from there-in out. She decided to study business with an emphasis in finance, graduating from a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Finance in 2014 from Northern Arizona University. Interests aside from business finance found Julia achieving a background in engineering, more specifically construction management. Having always had an itch for travel and furthering her education, Julia moved to the Gold Coast to complete her Masters degree. 148116544123675

Her financial interest lie in the areas of investments management, derivative product, valuation and forecasting, budgeting, and wealth creation.

In her spare time she’s usually found reading the Financial Times, Business Insider, Netflix binging with double coat chocolate TimTams, or on a football pitch somewhere in Sydney’s Northern Beaches or Lower North Shore.