About Amanda

Amanda is a two-time Bond University Graduate recently completing her Masters in Financial Management, and Gold Coast local.  After nearly failing math in high-school, she decided to study human behaviour, graduating from a Bachelor of Social Science with majors in Psychology and Criminology in 2011. She also holds a background in HR, with a focus on recruitment, and training & assessment. After taking a few years off to soul search, she decided to return to the student lifestyle and complete her Masters degree.

Her financial interests lie in the areas of investment, derivative products, valuation and modeling. She currently works in the projects department for a power regulation firm, analyzing data, conducting financial analyses, and managing the project database.1526390_10153599992173717_18301096271223433_n_Fotor

In her spare time she’s usually found watching investment videos, reading blogs, sweating it out in the gym, playing music, or binging on Netflix with a good pizza followed by gelato.