About AJ

AJ Money Matters was born when two students at Bond University met by fate, or something like that. No, this isn’t your typical romance. However, there is love– love of all things finance. Having wished they met earlier, Amanda and Julia met during their Master of Finance studies in the 2nd to last semester. Both having determination, will, and a relentless desire to succeed, these characteristics brought the two closer than ever. When faced with the challenges of a core finance course, Derivative Products, the two banded together through the uphill battle of understanding exactly what the mechanics of a stochastic differential equation was, amongst other complex topics.

No challenge was too big as the two spent hours together bonding in the BatLabs at Uni, asking their lectures every silly little question possible, all while holding up class morale by bringing the jokes and laughter. In those early mornings, late afternoons, and weekend study sessions the two grew close and realised they both shared many similarities. They possess the ability to take complex topics and create easy to understand explanations. After graduating together, both with respectable marks, it was inevitable that they would build something different which drew from their experiences and love for all things finance.

Here at AJ Money Matters, finance will be brought to you in a totally different light, where you no longer need to face financial literacy intimidation and fear. The light will be bright, filled with insightful explanations, with the occasional laughter and light heartedness that they both possess. As Amanda and Julia grow through their 20s, they know the importance of making financial decisions and how it will affect the rest of their lives. So, be ready to get interactive, personal and most of all excited at all the possibilities you are about to discover, as AJ Money Matters has got you covered.