7 Unique Ways to Save Money

You’re probably thinking… “this is just another article about saving money.” Well, you’re right… but it’s not your typical way to save money! We both know that saving money sometimes really sucks. It’s not the most fun activity to partake in when you see your mates out spending heaps or another post on Instagram pops up of someone in Bali. Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity… Sorry, Eminem mom’s spaghetti is actually real bomb. Okay back to reality… saving money is important. Get on board. Try these unique ways to save some extra money!

1. Stop Paying Delivery
If you get into a habit of not wanting to cook and ordering in food you should try to break it. It’s alright every now and again, but if it’s a weekly thing it can add up. Most places all over the country, yet alone the world will have a minimum order price to reach and on top of that a delivery fee. If you’re single or ordering for only one, to reach this minimum you’re typically having to order more than one dish. Also, if you’re in the America, guess what… not only are you going to have this sometimes hidden extra delivery fee, but you’re also expected to tip the driver!

2. Use Rewards
Your alarm goes off and you roll over in bed not wanting to get up… but you muster up the energy. Your morning routine involves heading to the nearest coffee shop and getting your caffeine fix. We feel you. Do you know if your coffee local has a punch card? If not, ask. Why not take advantage of the reward in place for your 10th coffee or whatever it may be. Now, this is just a simple scenario to get you thinking. Ask next time you find yourself at a place you frequent if they have a punch card or other reward system! Also, don’t forget your student card if you’re studying as heaps of places both in America and Australia offer student discounts!

3. Second Hand
Now before you skip this one, give it a chance. Set aside your ego for a moment and try. Second hand shops can offer a lot of hidden treasures at a steal of a price. If you’re in Australia why not try out Vinnie’s or Salvo Op Shop? If you’re in America try out Goodwill, Salvos, Changing Hands (if you’re a bookworm), or any other second hand shop. Honestly, you might surprise yourself… and guess what people aren’t even going to know where it came from, and if they do, it may be time to rethink your social networks.

4. Find Free Activities
Being social can get expensive, especially if you live in an expensive city or if you’re just a social butterfly. You’d be surprised how many free activities take place, even if they are pay markets that doesn’t mean you have to buy something! You can still get out and enjoy some fresh air, sunrays, and good company. Most often or not these sorts of activities will feature live music. Check out your local city if they have any markets going on… you can usually do this with ease just by a simple google search. Good vibes and good times CAN be free!

5. Get Your Green Thumb On
Do you have a balcony, porch, deck, or access to sunlight at your home? If so, get your green thumb on! You can save a lot of money by planting your own veggies or fruits. Give a search online after you figure out your staple veggies and fruits and see what would grow best for your situation. It’s worth a try and you might discover a new fun hobby. It can also give you some sense of satisfaction when you see your first sprouts!

6. Bad Habit Jar
Do you have a bad habit you want to break? Well, throw some money into the mix and just maybe you’ll break your habit! Find a jar, a box, anything and label it with whatever bad habit you have. For example, you can make a ‘Swear Habit Jar,’ and for anytime you drop a swear word put some chosen denomination into the jar. If it’s a different habit that involves cravings or urges, anytime you feel it come on put money in your jar. You’ll save a little money and might break your bad habit! This can be any habit you don’t like. Some examples may be: smoking, swearing, finger nail biting, slouching, eating fast food, social media, drinking soda, etc.

7. Challenge yourself
Want to make saving fun? Make a game out of it. Challenge yourself each week to save even more money in different areas. You may want to beat last week’s grocery bill by $10, spend $5 less on fuel (pick your days people, seriously), or eat out 1 less time than last week. Whatever you save, put it in an account you can’t touch and eventually it will add up! So go on, how much can you save…

Do you have any other fun and quirky ways you save money? Leave us a comment!

3 thoughts on “7 Unique Ways to Save Money

  1. Janet Barclay says:

    One of my friends had a real knack for finding free things to do. As well as the activities put on by the city or non-profit organizations, he often won tickets to movies, concerts and other events. Sometimes we teased him, but he could always find something to do, even when money was tight!


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