Gifts For Under $50

Are you that person who is still shopping on Christmas Eve because you can’t decide what to buy for your loved ones? With Christmas, brings the stress of gift-shopping and we’re already feeling it. Not only that, but you want to actually be able to SAVE money as well at this time of year, and man, that’s a hard task! With shopping centres dressed in sparkly decorations, different coloured Christmas trees, and Michael Buble’s Christmas album playing in the background, you just can’t help but be consumed by the season and it’s easy to get carried away. So, to help you readers out, we’ve come up with numerous gifts for everyone in the family (and your friends who are lucky enough to receive gifts from you) – all for under $50! There’s no breaking the budget this year 🙂

For Him

1. Matching Towel Set
Somewhere near you there’s probably a outlet shopping centre, which means great deals. Amanda’s favourite being the Sheridan Outlet (buyers beware of extremely great deals).

  • Face Washer: $7.98
  • Hand Towel: $12.18
  • Bath Mat: $17.98
  • Bath Towel: $19.98

And even better you can shop online for this stuff! Just head here with shipping only being $9.95!

2.Outdoor Solar Lights: $8 – Kmart
Kmart’s terracotta solar lights are so affordable. Coming on at dusk, it adds such a nice touch if you’ve got an outdoor entertaining area.  You can also pair it with $7 string lights (also from Kmart) to add some twinkle.

3.Grow Your Own Beer Garden: $20 – Marvling Bros
If your man loves beer, then this is the perfect gift! It’s unique and fun. It’s literally a matchbox that comes with hop seeds and grow instructions. Also, it comes with a nice chrome finished bottle opener. You can get it here. 

4.Hand and Body Wash: $24.95 (The Aromatherapy Co.) Sweet Lime and Mandarin
This stuff is the bomb! The smell is incredible and it’s guaranteed the man in your life will love it… or you can give this as a subtle hint to the man in your life to you know, freshen up!

5.Custom Leather Tech Cases: $35-50 – KleverCase
Beautiful soft leather made cases that can be customised with your man’s initials for that personal touch. Something so simple, but yet so thoughtful. These leather cases are extremely classy and a perfect gift. You can either order directly from KleverCase or here. 


For Her

1.Iced Tea Brewer – $29.00 – T2
Summer is coming and who doesn’t love drinking a fruity iced tea! T2 have a 1.2ltre tea brewer you can just stick in the fridge and voila… iced tea. Find it here.

2.Tea Cups (nice ones)
Making tea is a ritual and it’s NICE to drink out of a NICE tea cup. Christine Re has a gorgeous collection for $19.95 per tea cup! Find them here at David Jones. You can also try T2 or the Tea Centre for even more ideas.

3.Bath and Body Products
We don’t know any girl who doesn’t love a good bath and body gift. Quality products are just SO much better if you want to enhance your bathroom ritual.

  • Body Scrub or Butter: $24.95 (The Body Shop)
  • Body Sorbet: $19.95 (this stuff is so cooling) (The Body Shop)
  • Hand Cream: $14.00 – $29 (Crabtree & Evelyn)
  • And pretty much anything from Lush!

There are SO many scents on the market now that it’s near impossible to choose but you can never go wrong with a candle (even for the guys).

  • Glasshouse: $42.95
  • Ecoya Soy Candle: $19.95 – $39.95
  • Yankee Candle: $20 – $39.99 (Spotlight)

5.Spa/Beauty Treatment
Check on Groupon for wherever your location is. You can get some serious deals for spa and beauty treatments for under $50. What better way to make your mrs feel special and beautiful? She will be thanking you more than you could imagine. Currently, you can purchase a 1-Hour Massage Package in Sydney city for $39. Give it a look and see if there’s anything in your area. Just go here and sign up! It’s quick and easy.


7 thoughts on “Gifts For Under $50

      • paulettemotzko says:

        My readers are loving your article Amanda and Julie and so am I too. That’s why I love WordPress. I can share other people’s material from other blogs, giving me a wider variety of content topics, and then I meet people like you from doing so! Everybody wins in the deal. Whereabouts to you live? I’m located in Las Vegas Nevada USA. Paulette Motzko


      • ajmoneymatters says:

        We are so excited to hear that Paulette!! WordPress is amazing like that, it’s so easy to find all different types of content and to connect with people like yourself from the other side of the world!
        We are in Australia, both Sydney and the Gold Coast.
        Thank you so much again for sharing 🙂

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  1. Tilly says:

    Is it wrong that I want the personalised leather cases even though I’m a woman! I can totes shop the men’s guide for me! Hello Sheridan towels! Lovely guide, thanks for sharing your expertise.


    • ajmoneymatters says:

      Not wrong at all Tilly! Some of the gift idea for the men can easily be for females, too! Afterall, it comes down to what you like and Julia really likes the KleverCase as well! Glad you liked our guide, thanks again for the support!
      Merry Christmas! x
      Amanda & Julia


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