5 Ways To Curb Your Online Shopping Addiction

Are you an impulse shopper?
Do you turn to online shopping when you’ve had a bad day?
Are you a sucker for sales?
Do you regret buying something online after looking at your bank account?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Are you addicted to online shopping? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It’s a safe place here at AJ and we’re not afraid to pour our hearts out to our readers. We’ve both done our fair share of online shopping (…who are we kidding, we love online shopping and still practice this ritual today) BUT, it can become an unhealthy addiction for your bank account and it’s really important to take caution when online shopping because it’s SO easy to click a few buttons on a website and BAM!… you’ve just spend $200. Whoops. So, read on as we’ve compiled a few ways to curb your online shopping madness so you are always in control of your finances.

1. Don’t sign up & unsubscribe to retail emails
Sometimes this is unavoidable (once you’ve just completed an online shop). You’ve got to give an email address so once you’ve bought something, you’re on their magic list! Combat this by unsubscribing so you no longer feel temptation when Sephora pops up on your phone saying there is a free delivery weekend coming up… girls, you know what we’re talking about. Boys, unsubscribe from Tab, Sportsbet, Crown, Ladbrokes… the list goes on, and any girls who fancy a punt, you too! We know, the payout looks reaaaaaaalllly good… but still, unsubscribe.

2. Have an online shopping quota
Set yourself a yearly quota (or if you’re REALLY addicted, you may want to start with a quarterly quota… baby steps guys). You may want to cut it down to 6 times a year, whatever you think your bank account (and your conscience) can handle. No, this does not mean that you can increase your dollar quota! Just because you’ve cut down on the number of times you online shop, do not take this as a sign that you can spend $100 more on each shop… that’s not how this works people.

3. Use it as a reward, not because you just broke up with your gf/bf
The good old ‘retail therapy’ excuse. We use it often. We get it, online shopping is just the BEST feeling when you’re feeling down. You feel a sense of accomplishment and newness, like you can start all over again with the new items you just bought. You get that  satisfaction feeling when you actually receive the package in the mail… it’s like christmas and your birthday all in one! We’ll stop before we get ahead of ourselves. Anyway, you get the point. Your feelings play a MASSIVE part in your online shopping experience so it’s important to be aware of what you’re feeling and to find other ways to deal with your emotions. Instead, only use online shopping when you’ve reached a great achievement or excelled in your job. Need to deal with your emotions?  That’s what a sweaty cardio sesh and a pumping playlist is for… or mediate… or yoga… you know, anything other than clicking “add to basket”.

4. Don’t checkout as soon as you’re done shopping
Do you have feelings of guilt while you shop? A quiet voice at the back of your mind saying ‘you know you shouldn’t be spending this much’? We know these feelings ALL too well. If you’re shopping for boredom’s sake or you’ve got something better to spend your money on (a.k.a bills), then once you’ve clicked that ‘checkout’ button, walk away for 10-20min (or hey, challenge yourself and make it a day!) and really give your mind some time to think over your impulsive decision. You may come back with a whole new perspective on your shopping cart.

5. Practice Mindfulness and Awareness
We call it… the power of saying no! When you find yourself heading to your favourite online store, it’s time to start taking note of your emotions and why in fact you are online shopping. Do you ACTUALLY need something? (if this is for real, then yes you may proceed), but 90% of the time you are probably boredom shopping, or you THINK you need something. This one ties in with the other tips mentioned, but it’s time to practice some gratitude here people. Be grateful for what you already have and ask yourself why it is you need this. Assess your weekly expenses and be realistic in what you can really afford. It may help to look back at the financial goals you’ve written down (if you’ve been following us for a while, we expect that you’ve already done this) so you don’t lose sight of what’s really important. Always ask yourself, “Can I live without this?” Be realistic too! Yes, you can live without that Playstation upgrade, new makeup, new watch… you get the point.

Leave a comment below if you’ve got any other tips or if any of these have worked for you!

And remember… stay in control of your finances, otherwise they will control you!

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