A Millennial’s Opinion on Giving Up Your Smashed Avo To Buy A House

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you may or may not have heard about the article in The Australian by Bernard Salt, highlighting how he is appalled with young people buying smashed avo on bread for $22. Now, we couldn’t help but offer our two cents here and get down to what this bloke is actually trying to say.

There’s been a bit of outrage amongst millennials expressing their disapproval on these comments by Bernard and hey, we… mostly agree with the rest of our generation. Just for those who haven’t kept up with the latest trends, this guy has basically said that instead of buying smashed avocado on toast for $22 a pop, you could put that money towards a loan for a house… and let’s be real, you can make it at home for so much cheaper. Now, his whole article is not about this statement, in fact it’s only one line: “Twenty-two dollars several times a week could go towards a deposit on a house”. But people have seriously blown this one liner out of proportion and are missing the real message to his article. No, we are not defending him, but simply giving you a view from a millennial perspective.

Yes, we love to go out for a good breakfast and indulge in some quality smashed avo mixed with feta or goats cheese on sourdough. It’s bloody delicious. The point we believe this guy is trying to make is that as a millennial we need to be more careful with our money and more aware. He states in the article he can afford this having raised a family and being middle-aged (a.k.a he’s made a lot more money than you). Majority of us are either still in uni, fresh out of uni and just starting out in our careers. We still want to travel, experience new things, some of us may be addicted to online shopping, and way too many addicted to the pokies or punting. There are so many things we want to spend our money on. People have began to do the maths on how many years it’s going to take for them to afford a home deposit if they skip out on their weekly smashed avo, works out to be like 40 years… but people please, you’re missing the point! Allow us to explain ourselves…

As young people, the rest of the population views us as being careless with our finances. We have more freedom at this age as we aren’t tied down, majority of us don’t yet have a family and we like having a bit of fun… which of course involves spending our hard-earned moola. Yes, it’s nice to go out for breakfast and we have nothing against that, but if you are one of those people who like to indulge in expensive breakfasts a few times a week, then perhaps it is time to limit yourself, because he’s right… that money is better spent ELSEWHERE! We emphasize the ‘elsewhere’ part as this is what he’s really trying to say by ‘house loan’. There are so many avenues in your life where you can save money, and Bernard Salt is just highlighting one of these areas.

Overall, we’re inclined to agree with this dude. I mean how easy and how much CHEAPER is it to make this stuff at home… like we said earlier instead of $22. We can both easily say that on a weekend our partners make a mean smashed avo on sourdough and it’s a hell of a lot better than the stuff you can buy. Honestly, if you want a couple different recipes… we have some, just shoot us a message or comment. So, maybe it’s time to master the art of the smashed avo in your own home people and look at this as just another way to stash your money away each week. Plus, you can cook in your undies and don’t have to put pants on, bonus! If you need more way to save your money, then head over to our article ‘16 Money Tips To Practice In Your 20’s‘. 

Got an opinion? Disagree/agree with us? Comment below. We want to hear your thoughts millennials!

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